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P.O. Box 641
Buford, GA 30515
Office: 404 455-1389
Fax: 770 945-0776
Fax: 206 666-4232

A non-profit
501c3 foundation


Organizational Payee Service For SSI Beneficiaries

Assists most vulnerable members of society who are:

  • Young, or
  • Elderly, or
  • Disabled, and/or
  • Not capable of managing or directing someone else to manage their finances

Our primary service is to receive and manage benefits on behalf of incapable or legally incompetent beneficiaries, which consist of providing assistance for their current needs, such as:

  • Paying mortgage/rent and utilities
  • Providing a weekly allowance for food, clothing and personal comfort items
  • Medical Care
  • Funds for reasonably foreseeable needs

Any funds remaining after the beneficiaries primary needs have been satisfied will be deposited into an interest bearing account.

Additional services provided to beneficiaries are:

  • Assistance with locating housing, clothing and medical care
  • Shopping assistance
  • Assistance with Drug/Alcohol counseling referrals
  • Assistance completing SSA Forms and documents