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A non-profit
501c3 foundation


About UTI Foundation

Since 2002, The Universal Training Ideas Foundation (UTI) has begun to help young children in the Atlanta area to help themselves.

Our mission is to provide young children & teenagers with the knowledge and life skills necessary to excel in educational programs and encourage the pursuit of higher education.

Through volunteer mentoring programs, many children will have motivation and dreams of a brighter future.

The foundation will be offering after-school outreach programs and classes to help mentor children through academics, with homework help, as well as teaching other skills.

In addition, there will be a scholarship program offered for grades K-5, to direct underprivileged children towards thinking about college or some other higher education beyond high school.

Trusts are being set up for younger students to use toward higher education.

Our goals include education in areas frequently bypassed by the traditional educational curriculum that prepare youth for the transition to adulthood. It is UTI’s mission to also prepare today’s youth for success, balance and to hold the highest standards and values for our programs and it’s paticipants.